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11 Valentines Day Ideas To Get You Out Of Trouble

So Valentines Day is just around the corner and like many of us perhaps left it to the last minute. Ok so maybe I’m the only one who’s left it to the last minute and I’ve written this article to just get myself out of trouble for the Valentines Day still to come!!

If you need some Valentines Day ideas, here’s a list we have compiled.

1. Ice Skating

Why its good: You get to hold hands. You get to fall over and crash together and help each other get up. Show off your moves and skating skills


2. A Spa Day

Why its good: While it’s not a proposal, its still something she can brag to her friends about. Its quiet and relaxing and something to make you both feel good.


3. Make a Video

Why it’s good: Your not making an Adult video here! Your making a video perhaps on how you met, talk about your first date, what you like about each other etc. Then watch it every year and even show it at your wedding.


4. The Drive Ins

Why It’s good: She probably has never been before or hasn’t been in so long it’ll bring back some memories. A Comedy or girly movie usually does the trick.


5. A Burlesque Show

Why it’s good: Sets the mood for the night and gives her some moves to try out later.


6. A Lunch Date

Why It’s good: While everyone else is doing dinners at twice the price, you’re the genius doing lunch at the normal price and lunch wont be booked out at your favorite place either. Win/win.


7. A Cooking Class

Why It’s good: Learn to cook together, bonding & creating new dishes to try while she learns how to get to your heart through your stomach.


8. Watch the Sunset

Why It’s good: Has a sunset ever been bad? Its romantic, its free, we have great weather here in Melbourne. Bring a bottle of Wine & a picnic basket with food and your good to go.


9. Rent a Romantic Movie

Why It’s good: All girls love romantic movies. Guys, suck it up for 2 hours this once and show your sensitive side!


10. Catch a Concert

Why It’s good: There’s plenty of concerts & Shows on daily. Great if you never usually go. How about Moonlight Cinema in Melbourne? Its on right now!


11. Hire a Limousine

Why It’s good: Many people have never been in one. Drink some champagne, dim the lights and think of what to do with all that space!! Or, get the limo to bring you to one of the other 10 options above.

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