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How To Be A Licenced Limousine Chauffeur

We get asked all the time by clients and even random people out on the street about what license is needed to driver a Stretch Limousine in Melbourne at least so we’ve made it simple for you.

See below.

We operate our limousine service in Melbourne so what is needed to drive a Limousine will vary from state to state. If your looking to potentially get accreditation in Melbourne, your going to need the following.


1. Application for Police Record check. (Cost is $49)

Download the form here: http://www.police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?a=internetBridgingPage&Media_ID=72672

The purpose of this check is to weed out those with criminal records so that only those with clean backgrounds are eligible for such a license. This same Police check is the same one needed in other industries such as child care & security just to name 2. The check you need is the “Name Check’ only NOT the fingerprint check. This usually takes around 10 days.


2. Application for accreditation to drive a commercial passenger vehicle and private bus

Download the form here: http://www.taxi.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/31490/Application-for-accreditation-to-drive-a-commercial-passenger-vehicle-and-private-bus.pdf

This is the main application form needed to drive Limousines as well as other vehicles that fall under the authority of the Taxi Services Commission.


3. Medical Assessment.

The Medical Assessment is on Page 15 of the Application above and needs to be filled out by your local doctor so an appointment will need to be made to get this done. This assessment aims to make sure you are fit to operate a commercial passenger vehicle.

Once filled out post the application to the taxi services commission or hand them in person to their Collins Street office. Include the Police report & Application and that’s it!

Once approved, the license costs only $26.10 and lasts 3 years.

So if your looking for a second income or need to work to fill in some gaps or just something different, give us a quick call as we often look for good Drivers. We’ll even help you with your application.

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