Birthday Party Limousines

So your Birthday is coming up or perhaps looking for ideas for a child, friend or family member? Limousines are a GREAT way to celebrate a birthday at any age level. From 5 year old children to 90+ year old adults and any age in between.

Kids Birthdays

Kids BirthdayFor Children’s birthdays from ages 4-12, we could pick up a group of up to 11 kids and take them on a fun drive.

We could even stop off for ice cream or a birthday cake at a local ice cream or cake shop then drive back.

Teenager Birthdays

Teenager LimousinesTeenagers from 13-18 would also like this but perhaps add in the vibrancy of the city or popular shopping strips such as chapel street.

Or even to the beach, including trendy areas like St Kilda where the chances of being seen by their friends are likely!

Adult Birthdays

Birthday LimousinesFor young adults around the 18-40 age group who like to party, perhaps you would like to leave the cars at home.

Get a lift in Style & Class to and/or from a popular nightclub or eatery whilst enjoying a drink with friends knowing everyone’s going to get home alright.


Want to go on a nightclub or bar tour around Melbourne for a whole night? Contact us for special rates.

Whatever the age group of the Birthday person, Limousines are fun. Get the birthday person and 10 of their best friends into a limo and fun is virtually guaranteed and memories wont be forgotten in a hurry.

Give us a quick call to discuss options & any ideas you might have or simply fill in the short form and we’ll get back to you.