Going to Melbourne? Here Are the Best Weekend Getaways!

Great Ocean Road

Who doesn’t love the weekend? It’s a magical time that’s pretty much sacred because it’s ideal for relaxing and unwinding. For some people, it’s a time to let go and take multiple adventures. The value of weekends doesn’t change with the activities which vary from person to person. If anything, every single person gets a whole lot of good from the weekend in the way that works best for them.

Melbourne is such a vast city that both people passing through and locals alike have so many choices to delve into. Weekends are no different; after all, making the most of time off is precious. Read on to learn more about the best weekend getaways in Melbourne:

Grampians National Park

Gariwerd or the Grampians is a mere three hours away from Melbourne. It means people in the city can experience the great outdoors without going too far off. Incredibly ideal for a weekend! 

With a selection of picturesque parks, hiking trails, and rugged mountain ranges, the Grampians is the perfect place to travel to when you are interested in getting outside and exploring nature. If you’re looking for an adventure, you can spend your weekend rock-climbing or get out on the water in a kayak. If you’re looking for something a little less adventurous, you can go on a guided tour of Gariwerd or learn about the region’s unique Aboriginal culture and visit its rock art sites.

Great Ocean Road

A mere few hours worth of a drive from the heart of Melbourne, the country’s most breathtaking coastal scenery lies along Great Ocean Road. It’s almost 250 kilometres long and serves as a dream come true for many who enjoy road trips. There’s a host of attractions and activities available at any time, weekends included. Here, it’s possible to:

  • Chase waterfalls at dawn
  • Go whale-spotting in a boat
  • Stroll through seaside town streets

Notable attractions include Cape Otway’s coastline, the Twelve Apostles and Torquay town. A day trip is just as possible as spending days checked in to accommodations in the area.

Yarra Valley

Are you looking forward to luxury after a tough work week? Yarra Valley, which is one of the most beloved wine regions across the entirety of Australia, is the best choice to make. Aside from the beautiful scenery, the wine has also won awards.

In particular, people into Moët & Chandon will fall in love with Domaine Chandon. It’s cradled in Yarra Valley’s breathtaking, gorgeous landscapes. There are more fine wineries in the area, naturally, such as:

  • Balgownie Estate
  • Punt Road
  • Yering Farm

There’s something for those who aren’t quite into wine, too. There are many breweries with many options in spirits, ales and ciders. More into food than drinks instead? You’re in luck: the region has multiple restaurants that are fantastic.

Moreover, plenty of day spas can add to the luxe relaxing, unwinding experience.


Weekends are practically sacred, especially for people who have full-time obligations like work and school. Melbourne is a diverse and beautiful city with something for everyone. The top weekend getaways include Yarra Valley, Grampians National Park and Great Ocean Road.

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