Mercedes Benz ML SUV

Black Mercedes ML SUV

Comfort. Class. Captivating

Black ML SUV

Seating for 4 in very rare Designo Leather interior. Perfect for family of Bride & Groom.

Classy Interior

Nothing but Spacious, Class & Comfort. What you'd expect from a luxury SUV.

Exclusive Elegance

For when you need something a little more 'beasty' but want to keep the creature comforts.

Introducing our Black Mercedes Benz ML SUV

The ultimate in Mercedes Benz Luxury SUV is here with Mercedes Benz's finest and top of the range ML350 with the rare Designo Interior package. The ML SUV has seating for 4 in comfort and is perfect for either Bride & Grooms or parents & family of Bride & Grooms. We also use this vehicle for airport trips as they Huge boot space is perfect for luggage.

Black Mercedes Benz ML SUV Features

- Top of the range Mercedes Benz ML SUV - Rare Designo optioned leather seating for all passengers. - Factory Mercedes Benz interior mood lighting - Complete silent driving no road noise at all - Shiny Black sparkling paint work. - Huge boot space for luggage - Sun Roof/Moon Roof

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