White Mercedes S-Class Sedan

White Mercedes S-Class

Comfort. Class. Captivating

White S-Class

Seating for 4 in classy comfort. Perfect for Bride & Groom or family of Bride & Groom.

Classy Interior

Nothing but Class & Comfort. Exactly what you would expect from an S-Class.

Exclusive Elegance

For when you need something a little more 'low key' but Elegant and comfortable.

Introducing our White Mercedes S-Class

The ultimate Luxury Sedan is here with Mercedes Benz's finest and top of the range Sedan. The S-Class is finally here. With seating for 4 in comfort its perfect for Bride & Grooms. Now available for your special occasion.

Mercedes Benz S-Class Sedan Features

- Top of the range Mercedes Benz S-Class - Spacious leather seating for all passengers. - Factory Mercedes Benz interior mood lighting - Complete silent driving no road noise at all - Pearl White sparkling paint work.

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