Celebrate in Style: Why You Should Do It in Yarra Valley


If you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, throw a bachelorette or bachelor party or host a reunion with style, one of the first things that comes to mind is where you’re going to have your event. 

Should you go to the bar? Although this is a surefire answer, it’s a bit too plain.

How about a trip out of the country? It might sound fun, but the costs may be a bit too much—and don’t forget about the logistical headaches that can come about. 

A trip to a nearby resort? Like a bar party, this can be a bit too obvious or plain because of how many people are already doing this for their celebrations. 

Now that you’re out of options, it’s safe to say that scrambling to find a good place to hold your celebration is now an unexpected addition to your to-do list. Thankfully, however, there’s one particular idea that’s worth considering above all else if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience for you and your guests: a trip to the illustrious Yarra Valley. 

Locations Worth Visiting

Considered by many as one of Melbourne’s best attractions, the Yarra Valley wineries are known all over the world for their picturesque sights and amazing wine. 

The famous tourist attraction is located an hour east of Melbourne and comprises 80 highly rated vineyards and wineries that each serve their own unique take on world-class wine. Over the years, Yarra Valley has become especially uppity about attracting visitors from all over the country (and the world) as its tour openings are in full swing, making for an opportunity to pay a visit ASAP.

If you want to impress your friends and/or family and are looking to spend your time and money in the best way possible, here’s two of the best wineries you can visit in Yarra Valley for your party or celebration: 

1. Oakridge Wines

Looking for a stop that lets you wine and dine with finesse? Oakridge Wines is the place to be.

Founded in 1978, Oakridge Wines is a family-owned winery, restaurant and cellar door that pairs handcrafted wines and food in a beautiful and seamless way. Over the years, the winery has become a household name for vino connoisseurs as it also sells its well-known, award-winning wine in bottle shops, online stores and restaurant menus.

If you do end up stopping by Oakridge Wines during your Yarra Valley wine tour, you can expect to experience exceptional service, food and wine!

2. Stones of The Yarra Valley

Best known for its extensive wine list and delicious seasonal menus, Stones of the Yarra Valley holds an outstanding reputation that makes it a must-visit for anyone. Its restaurant, the Stables at Stones, is one of Australia’s most visited food-and-wine destinations, thanks to the terrific selection it carries and the history of its actual location.

Compared to other wineries, Stones of The Yarra Valley offers a wine list carefully curated to showcase the location’s finest producers alongside a range of international wine selections. On top of the amazing shared plates and glasses of red and white that you can enjoy, this stop also boasts stunning views of the entire Yarra Valley! 

These are just some of the various stops that are included in our Full-Day Yarra Valley Wine Tour. To learn more about what else is included, feel free to message us!


When it comes to throwing the celebration or party of a lifetime, you can never go wrong with using unique ideas, especially if those ideas include a winery trip in the Yarra Valley. If you’re looking to celebrate your wedding, engagement, birthday, promotion or life milestone in the best way possible, take this as a sign to make Yarra Valley your destination!

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